painting of toy steam tugboat passing under bridge    painting of worried teenage girl in seascape abstract painting of figure on plinth throwing a line
painting of thoughtful teenage boy against bloodied background of thorns compass and map painting looking down from golden windmill to countryside below abstract painting of baltic costumed girl on a Solstice swing
businessman scanning the high seas from the top of a lighthouse painting of young man in motion looking over shoulder painting of old clockface showing moonphase
painting detail of dandelion clock and seeds lit by moon painting of laughing young couple enjoying drink in French cafe bar painting of sad ghostgirl aginst atmospheric background with moon and clockface
painting of young girl in glasses, wishing with closed eyes painting of a businessman's hand painting a shed painting of business family teaching youngest how to sail yacht
painting of imaginary gobal cityscape painting of french hilltop village in style of cezanne painting of imagined city rooftops with celebrating officeworkers
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