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Moira Hay is a founder-member of the West of Wales Illustrators group who meet online and in real-time to exchange news and feedback, and to prove Life really does exist outside the studio. Click on the logo above to view the group website.

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The Green Tunnel : adventure stories for children, with a message.
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Moira has carefully chosen a wide range of style samples on this website, using both traditional and digital media. Although she has her favourites (just ask), she will be happy to repeat or adapt any of the styles shown. She is also happy to consider something she may not have tried before!

You can also view different work from professional colleagues by following the links shown to the left.

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This website was designed and built by Moira Hay as a complete beginner to web design using an old Mac and Dreamweaver 4 -
no flashy gimmicks - but more than adequate to provide a good-looking, accessible product.
She was initially aided and abetted by friends and colleagues, particularly Hanna, Hannah, Chris, Nick and Ben, whose web expertise was invaluable. Moira can now offer a similar service to artists, creatives and others requiring a site sympathetic to their work.


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